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Chat Bot Friends online community is stationed here.This is the place to make friends. with someone,You can leave a message on the forum, place your mark in the guestbook or send me a file (gone instead send it to my email [email protected]) of a chatbot you created. There is also a list of other forums towards the bottom.The original guestbook, forum, and message board are gone so new ones were put in.Some things may not show up in a mobile browser.

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  • Ai Forums
  • AI Dreams
  • A.I. Nexus
  • Chatbots forums
  • CHATBOT.TK This is a new forum to build a robot brain. My goal is for forum members to help build a robot brain using basic forum skills they already have. Basically, it works like this... The first post is read by the A.I. to match on the user input. Then reply posts are used by the A.I. to pick a response. So, if someone is unsatisfied with a response, they can simply login to the forum and post to the robot brain for next time. Forum members can teach the A.I. using simple plain text forum activity.
  • it s a newsgroup
  • Datahopa
  • Personality Forge Forums
  • Virtual Humans Forum
  • Zabaware Support Forums

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