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  • Ai Forums Gone The link is to a archived site on the wayback machine.
  • AI Dreams
  • A.I. Nexus
  • Chatbots forums
  • CHATBOT.TK This is a new forum to build a robot brain. My goal is for forum members to help build a robot brain using basic forum skills they already have. Basically, it works like this... The first post is read by the A.I. to match on the user input. Then reply posts are used by the A.I. to pick a response. So, if someone is unsatisfied with a response, they can simply login to the forum and post to the robot brain for next time. Forum members can teach the A.I. using simple plain text forum activity.
  • it s a newsgroup
  • Datahopa
  • Personality Forge Forums has their own forum but you have to join to access it.
  • Virtual Humans Forum Is finally closing unless someone buys the domain and takes up the mantle. The owner writes The Virtual Humans Forum was created in 2005, as a new exciting place where people interested in Chatbots, A.I. and Robotics could share ideas and developments. Since then, the world has changed and now some of our visions have come true, while other ideas still need time to develop into practical applications. This probably explains why the Forum, which was so active until a few years ago, is now very quiet. I created the Forum in the VHF folder of the domain, registered by my consulting company, which has now been closed, so I am going to deactivate the domain, at its next expiration date (September 2019), unless someone is interested in transferring the domain to a different registrant and giving new life to this Forum. I have decided to inform you well in advance, in order to give you plenty of time for copying or taking screenshots of any topic which may be of particular interest. I would like to thank everybody for the great work which was done here. This has been a wonderful place to spend my time discussing great ideas with smart people like you!
  • Zabaware Support Forums

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