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About this site and its content|updates

About this site and its content

This site and others like it would not be possible with out the tireless work and dedication of men and women who created the foundations of the virtual assistants that many are using today. Some with little or no pay or recognition. They were the brave explorers of a new frontier of artificial intelligence that you use today.This site only explores one aspect of it. I also want to give a special thank you to art who pokes me and reminds me to take care of my site. He has contributed a lot to this site and I am very grateful to him.

So come with me and explore the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence in the form of chatterbots also known as Chatbots, Virtual Assistants and other AI programs here. You wont find a more uptodate directory around. I search the web for content you want.

Cortana<, Siri and other AI agents are now finally becoming popular after years of disappointments in progress. AI is becoming more intelligent.

In 1950 Alan Turing wrote a article called "Computing Machinery and Intelligence" which started it all. From there came the now famous Turing test which set the background for the Loebner Prize. That contest is no longer being run since the LLM AI came out. Dr. Loebner pledged a Grand Prize of $100,000 and a Gold Medal for the first computer whose responses were indistinguishable from a human. The first winner of the Loebner Prize was 1991 Joseph Weintraub with his chatbot ELIZA. Many now feel that the turing test is a inadequate test because recently a chatbot won by pretending to not know english well.

Chatbots also known as conversational agents are just one small part of the growing field of articial intelligence (AI). AI is part of many areas from robots and smart phones to virtual assistants and deep learning.

There are even companies that will let you create a virtual you that some claim they can eventually be uploaded into a robot or a new body made from cells of yours that they store.

If you have a company , website or blog about AI / Deep Learning contact us to be l isted. I do create websites and chatbots (hosted at a chatbot hosting site of your choice) So contact me for more information.

If it is game AI also known as Alife or artificial life your more interested in then head over to my other website AIVPETZ™ (My other website)

I list links relating to Artificial Intelligence and Chatter-bots. I dig for links in various places so you don't have to. Some sources are on the Internet, places you can download them such as cnet or sourceforge and many from the AI forums. You will find links here that most search engines place so far back that it is never found. I check out each link I find to see if it works and to get a idea of what the site is about.

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What you can find here

Unlike some directories I leave sites up that are gone because this is more then just a directory it is also a history book of Chatbots and the organizations that used to create them. One creator who passed on but who's work I and others have attempted to make sure doesn't is knytetrypper's chatbot Alkali. A section under downloads for mind files is available . I added a news page for AI and computers. . You will be able to find places that help you create a chatbot and host it at the same time at Bot communities. In the commercial section you can find companies who will create some type of AI software for you. In contests you can find contests to win money for creating a chat bot or grants/funding to work in the field of AI. Community is where you can find my chat room, my forum, my guest book and links to other AI forums. Chatbots, Virtual Assistants, Websites listing downloads and AIML links can all be found in the download section. Are you wanting to practice talking in another language? There are lots of different chatbots in other languages that you can practice with. In Links are directories of chat bots, chatbots in Spanish, Various Other Languages not listed, chatbots in French, chatbots in Italian, chatbots in Dutch, Instant Messenger bots and banners for linking me to your website. In the market place you can find some free Smart phone bots, books to buy and other AI related products. If you just want to talk you can find plenty on online bots. Open source is where you can find chatbots and other AI programs with source code you can actually see and study. There are many places which support and research AI under Organizations. Finally under referencethere are links to on-line reference material in various organizations, Links to free courses concerning AI, Links to tutorials concerning AI, Links to YouTube video tutorials, Links to Magazines concerningconcerning AI and Links to books concerning AI. NEW In the refrence section is a list of AI terms and their definiton. Below is just various updates I have done through the years.Enjoy your stay and feel free to email me with any problems you might have

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  • Feb 9, 2024 Began updating links on Home page, bot community and knytetrypper's chatbot Alkali
  • Jan 8, 2024 Fixed errors on website and added new marketplace, guestbook link and forum link.
  • Dec. 14, 2020 updated the viewport and copy right date.Also updated the community page.
  • Sept.9, 2019 Checked and updated links in downloads and added some links in windows apps. Started checking the links section. I will need to finish the non english ones using chrome as firefox won't translate the page for me.
  • Sept.25.26,27 2018 updating the site. Making it more mobile friendly and responsive. Also updating descriptions links, trademark,copyright dates and eliminating security risks to persons who visit
  • Jan. 23 2018 updated the copyright through home still need to do the rest.
  • April 10 2017 Updated the contests and added a link to downloads.
  • Feb 07 2017 Updated the copyright.
  • August 26 2016 Added some links to commerical and updated some links in the online bot section
  • August 06 2016 Added some links to the download section, removed the outdated follow buttons on the community area, removed the no longer working copy of Codice Eloisa link on my webite and replaced it with the link to the devolopers site.
  • August 04 2016 Added some links to the mind files and added permission from Han Getsu who helped create billy and daisy.
  • July 22 2016 Added some links to bot community, online and commerial.
  • may 24 2016 Added some links to bot community, downloads, online and commerial. Checked the links on the bot community, commerical AI and contests page.
  • February 10 2016 Added some links and descriptions to the news section.
  • February 02 2016 Added links to the download section.
  • January 20 2016 Added links to the download and open source section.
  • January 8 2016 Added a definiton of AI terms page to the refrence section.
  • December 30 2015 added more links to the commerical and open source section. Updated the description to more accurately reflect the website content. Updated the webpages to be more uniform.
  • December 24 2015 Updated the links to add a new news section. Updated the copyright year and added more links to the commerical section..
  • December 23 2015 added Tensorflow, IBM watson and facebooks open codes to the opensource section.
  • December 19 2015 added a few links to the commerical section and online chatbots
  • December 15 2015 added a few links to the commerical section and open source.
  • December 09 2015 arranged the online chatbots into different sections based on company or social media added more links to the online chatbots and a couple of links in downloads for aiml.
  • December 08 2015 added a few links to the commerical section and checked links.
  • November 29 2015 added a section in downloads for ultrahal plug in links and a few open source links.
  • November 21 2015 Finished Checking and fixing links.
  • November 21, 2015 Checked and fixed some links.
  • November 19, 2015 Added a couple of links and checked present urls on some pages.
  • October 03, 2015 Added Some more links to sources of US government funding for business start ups that can be used for AI reasearch as well.
    • September 26, 2015 Added a New section in bot communities. Do you want to live forever? These companies clam you can live on as a AI.
    • September 25, 2015 Cleaned up the code on all the main pages and added a twitter and facebook button.
    • September 23, 2015 Found most of knytetrypper old websites and chatbots and added them to the AlkaliChatbot page.
    • September 22, 2015 Started to go back through the html code and cleaned up downloads, links, home and Codice. Alkali can not be cleaned up do to the nature of the code being older and part of the chatbot.
    • September 22, 2015 Separated the Downloads to make navigation easier. Added links back to the top in downloads and in links.Added some Links for virtual assistants for the computer and blackberry to the download section.
    • September 15, 2015 Added some older chatbots to the download section.
    • September 14, 2015 Added some links to download, bot community, commerical open source, and refrence
    • August 08/24/2015 Added some links to the download sections and added a section there of websites that list bots.
    • August 08/18/2015 Added some links to the open source and download sections
    • August 08/11/2015 Added some links to the on line chatbot section and a few under links
    • August 08/07/2015 Added some links to the download section under apps and added a apps section to reference
    • August 08/05/2015 Finished Checking and updating all the links. Many of them would not load so I have to check back in a few days to see if they are still gone.
    • August 08/04/2015 Checked and Updated links up to and through downloads. Still have the rest to do.
    • February 02/06/2015 Added a few more links and added cites to the quotes from websites.
    • January 01/23/2015 I added a goggle translator instead of actually translating each web page. Also added more link.
    • January 01/20/2015 Started translating the website into dutch and plan on doing other languages of countries that have visited the website. Added more descriptions to links in various pages and made sure i gave credit to sites wording that i quoted from. IF i missed a couple give me time i will eventually have it all done the way i want it to be.
    • January 17, 2015 Added a help bot on the home page , updated the descriptions on the home page and a link to news about AI and computers.Also added more links and labeled the type of bot in the phone bot section
    • January 12, 2015 Got rid of the underlines of the links and added internal links to make navigation of single web pages easier.Also added a site map and a small link to it at the bottom of each page.
    • January 07, 2015 started to update the website to style sheets and clean up the overall look of the website.
    • December 22, 2014 I started on cleaning up the code on the website and will begin to add internal links so that you don't have to scroll so far to get to the bottom of a page and can find things easier.
    • December 23, 2014 Add more links to several pages and found some on line written tutorials and add them in their own little section on the reference page.
    • December 20, 2014 I added a few more links and made the site look more uniform and fixed the menu bar. Also added some videos on creating chat bots in the reference section.
    • December 14, 2014 The site is completely up and you can find some free apps for your android and low cost for kindle in the market place. I also added a lot more tablet and goggle play bots in the download section.
    • December 07, 2014 I redid all of the website and put it on a free server so that it would be available.
    • January 01/18/2013 Trademarked my name Chatbotfriends which i have been using since 2002. Added a secure email form for people to contact me with. Also added a thank you page.
    • January 01/17/2013 just a side note my original site chatbotfriends was purchased by someone else who instead of putting their own content on it kept mine there but none of it had been updated. IF you look at the site it has my old email address on it I have had that site since 2002 way before they got the second style of the website.
    • October 01, 2004: All of the site is up and running. The only parts needed to be finished is the open source links and fixing the back and next navagation.
    • September 01, 2004: The bot community, commercial links, misc links, reference, and download sections are up and running. They all have some links added but not all of them yet.

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