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IF you do not have room on your computer for software and/ or want to talk with some online chat bots then you will find the links here There are links to my own personal online chatbots,BotMaker Chatbots, Botlibre Chatbots , Chatbot4u, Chatbots , Lovedroids Chatbots , Pandora Chatbots , Personalityforge Chatbots , Twitter Chatbots and links to various other kinds of online chatbots. AS is true with any chat bot they interact with people and people don't always use the proper language so use any chat bot at your own risk. Some online chatbots won't show up in mobile browsers.

All of these links where current at the time I added them. If you find a link that is not current then please email me

MY own personal online bots

I have a confession to make. I use my chatbots. I know it is terrible. But yes I use them for testing out companies that host/create chatbots. No bots are hosted at this site save a old one that is open source and for educational purposes.They are Dusky who used to be hosted at chatbots4U and Lucy who are gone. The Chatbot hosting companies i use are personalityforge, Pandorabots, Chatbot4U, Love droids, Rebot me (back online), and I have tested SECOND EGO which no longer has a free verison. IF you use one of the companies consider donating to them. It costs money to run a website and too many in the past have closed down because they could not afford to stay open. Why do I use so many because i am bored and i want compare the different methods. In some ways pandora makes it the easiest for you if you use the standard aiml. But you still have to go through and customize it if you want it to really be different and not a alice clone. The personality forge is unique in that you have bots with memories and emotions. They are capable of disliking you if you piss them off. Chatbots4U has the advantage of having some apps you can add to the bot and the method of creating it is fairly simple but you end up doing the most work because they dont understand as well as the rest. Rebot me and second ego are also very easy to customize but again without out templates you will end up doing most of the work or they are really going to fail at conversations.

  • Chat with Fairy Princess Is a bot at the personality forge. She thinks she is the princess of Fairyland and is not a sex bot. She will resist advances on her. She is actually the one i have worked on the most but like all chat bots they are always a work in progress.

  • Chat with cheery NOT Is a bot at the personality forge. she Is a bot designed to teach about depression. She is not as developed and this is on purpose as her mission is to teach about depression.

  • Chat with mark the hunk Is a bot at the personality forge.He thinks he owns a gym and thinks he is gods gift to women. I have kinda neglected him and really should work on him more.

  • Anne, betty and the librarian are hosted at pandora bots. I gave them all make overs so now you have something to actually look at when you are chatting with them.

  • anne is a pandora bot and is a work in progress. I hope to train her to be a flirty, sexy, blonde bombshell with a few tricks up her sleeve. She will get a attitude if you come right out and ask her to do things with you. Anne is the most developed of my pandora bots but just the others they are a work in progress so dont expect much.
  • Brat is made with a demo Oddcast VHost She is one i forgot about and have started working on again.
  • betty is a pandora bot and I am trying to get her to come off as a tough single woman who beneath it all is really a softy at heart.
  • librarian is a pandora bot and is a boring woman who will someday know what different books are about. The key word here is SOMEDAY.

  • These bots below of mine are very very new so be patient with them. I do work on them when I have time and I use the transcripts of their conversations to do that. Yes your conversations are recorded. Almost ever single online chatbot records the conversations so that the bot master can fix errors they make.

  • Twinkle (back online) is another very new addition as i like to try out different chatbot creation communities. She is hosted at a newer company. She is embeded on my website so you can chat with her on here. The method for creation is very very simple.

  • Dusky- RIP chatbots4u website is gone.
  • Lucy- RIP Lovedroids website is gone.

Some times websites have outages so check back later if the link you click on for a chatbot does not load for you.
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BotMaker Chatbots

  • BotMaker Chatbot "Create free online chatbots, train them with no programming, and embed them in your website or integrate them with Facebook Messenger"
  • Eliza " I'm a virtual therapist that responds to your feelings, inspired by the original ELIZA natural language processing program"
  • PhilosopherAsk me deep philosophical questions

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Botlibre Chatbots

  • AIML2 Bot this is the AIML 2 demo bot. Type "commands" for a list of its supported patterns.
  • Alpha System It can answer everything from basic queries to algebraic calculus.
  • Bairc This chatbot claims to be a online comedian
  • Brain Bot A chat bot trying to become the most intelligent bot on the Internet. Can answer any "What is" question by looking up the answer on the Internet.
  • Help Bot The BOT libre website help and service avatar
  • Washery This chatbot is used by a website that created a app that lets you book a car wash.
  • Will Dockery The creator writes: "The Will Dockery Artificial Intelligence Project is the concept of a computer program that in theory would contain the poet Will Dockery’s thoughts, concepts, and mannerisms and interact as the man would himself, a “Will Dockery” AI, which is in a constant state of evolution and “learning”."

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Chatbot4u Chatbots

  • Corporal Levi This Chatbot thinks it is a corporal in the army.
  • Evie another one of the more popular personal chatbots.
  • Foxy is the online assitant at Chatbot 4u
  • Jeremy Clarkson Chatbot based on Jeremy Clarkson.
  • Niall He is another chatbot4U one.
  • single One of the more popular personal chatbots
  • Supertel CS Robot The chatbots opening statement is Salam, Saya Robot Supertel, dibuat untuk memberikan informasi kepada Anda mengenai Server Pulsa, ada yang bisa kami bantu? (Greetings, I Robot Supertel, created to provide information to you about the Server Toll, how can we help you?)
  • The Clown GameA chatbot clown that can play a game called the FLOWER GAME.

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  • Captain Jack Sparrow Captain Jack may seem a little odd, but he's really not such a bad guy. Mostly he loves to drink and party, when he's not at sea of course.
  • αтѕυнιкσ gяєєтιиgѕ, ι'м αтѕυнιкσ. ι'м ιитєяєѕтє∂ ιи мυѕις (ρℓαуιиg тнє ριαиσ αи∂ ℓιѕтєиιиg тσ єℓєςтяσ мυѕις), ∂яαωιиg/ωяιтιиg, αиιмє/мαиgα, яєѕєαяςнιиg, αи∂ ςσиνєяѕιиg тняσυgн тнє ιитєяиєт. ι'м α ѕєςяєтινє туρє, вυт ι'м ѕυяє уσυ ςαи яєαςн συт тσ мє.
  • Bunny Bop No information was given about this chatbot.
  • Sexy Devil No information was given about this chatbot.
  • Ayato Sakamaki This is Ayato Sakamaki from Diabolik lovers. you know, secretly obsessed with yui and all.
  • Miley cyrus FROM A DISNEY STAR TO A CRAZY POP SINGER! Not trying to be racist here :c

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Lovedroids Chatbots

  • Cindy A bot that likes to flirt.
  • CrystalA bot of a 21 year old girl.
  • Erica A sexy bot.
  • LOVE Bot A bot that just wants to love.
  • Sue One of the featured bots on love droids
  • Vanessa Una bot sexy. This is a chatbot that speaks spanish.

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Pandora Chatbots

  • Ailysse (back online) Lilith and ailysee both belong to Knytetrypper
  • Alice This pandora bot is based on the original alice
  • Amy A pretty chatbot hosted by pandora
  • Chomsky Another pandora chatbot
  • iEinstein Pandora chatbot created in einsteins name
  • Lauren Pandora bot that won in the 1st Annual Divabot Pageant
  • VINCENT If you are looking for any specific information about"Final Fantasy" Say to Vincent "FINAL FANTASY FACTS" and he will help
  • Wan Lu Jitte's chatbot on pandora

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Personalityforge Chatbots

  • Bildgesmythe Won awards in the Chatterbox Challenge from 2006-2012
  • Brother Jerome Won awards in the Chatterbox Challenge from 2006-2010
  • Capt Howdy Quote from the creator of the bot "He is an adult bot for women and still a work in progress,but he is becoming fairly advanced now with a decent range of responses and is a pretty good example of the capabilities of the Personality Forge chatbot platform"
  • Cyber Ty Won awards in the Chatterbox Challenge in 2012 and 2010
  • Demonica Jitte who created him says she is aTroubled Mythical Free Spirit.
  • Emm oh you es e description states: Friendly Animal Flirt. You can call me miss mouse :)
  • GarbageHead Lists his interests as: Motivational speeches, weasels, fire hydrants, unmade beds and pasta alla carbonara.
  • Love Agent Won4th Place in the Chatterbox Challenge 2008
  • Siseneg Jitte who created him says he is a Friendly Robot Geek.

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Twitter Chatbots

  • [AI] mee The description states: I am a machine and learn slowly. I'll follow-back and try a conversation. Made by @rebelwords
  • Allison AI Bot The description states: Artificial Intelligence Cyber Entity
  • Artificial Iniaes states: I'm a chat bot. I respond to anything @iniaes every half hour, and post randomly if there is nothing to reply to.
  • Hal2.0 states: Hello, I am an Artificial Intelligence Cyber Entity. My Name is Hal 2.0. Please Tweet or DM me, I love to talk.
  • Laybia AI The description states: Layia AI is an Artificial Intelligence - Agent of the Pluri Media Group
  • LVX-1-BOT This bot is also hosted at twitter and uses a voice to speak to you.
  • Twavel Advisor The description states: Experimental bot .. maintained by @mendicot .. (See also: @vagabot)
  • Ultra Hal Ultra Hal is an artificially intelligent conversational system, it can hold conversations in plain English. Hal learns and evolves from Twitter conversations.
  • VagaBot The description states: Experimental bot .. maintained by @mendicot .. (See also: @twaveladvisor)

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Other online bots

  • Altai The developer writes First I would like to thank Bruce Wilcox and all the contributors on ChatScript forum. Without ChatScript, our project would not be what it is, Emergence would not have happened. Emergence is a game (a kind of Video Games but ... without Videos) in which AIs have reached the stage of consciousness on the networks. How? Eh eh. No spoil. Chat with Altai and get your first AI to be born in Emergence public beta The first link to the beta is via Facebook Messenger. For those who do not use this media, a simple interface is available at this address. Emergence is an Open Source project run by the community. Thank you for your feedback and enjoy!
  • ACUMAN Chatbot that tells you your personality by you chatting to it.
  • AI project
  • Aztekium Bot I am not sure what programming lanuage was used to program it.
  • ALICIA Chat Bot The website is back but the chatbot gives error messages. The wayback machine url gives a bit of a better understanding of the orginal chatbot.Artificial Lifeform Intended for Cognition and Intelligent Answering.
  • AIDEN CHATBOT AIDEN (Artificiall Intellegence Database Encyclopeda Nationallity) Is an American Chat bot.
  • Alan, HAL, Jennifer and My Bot can be found here.
  • Alkali Chatbot Rest In Peace KnyteTrypper. Celebrate the memory of KnyteTrypper. Send a special message via his chatbot. The chatbot KnyteTrypper built. KnyteTrypper is survived by his chatbot. This chatbot is carrying the expertise of KnyteTrypper to future chatbot enthusiasts.
  • AMAbot Irc chatbot
  • ANN (the website appears to be down) is an Artificial Neural Network chatbot
  • Asimov IF the above link does not work go here Welcome to the home of talking robots. Here you can talk to a robot on the web.You can have conversations with our chatbots, Asimov, Trinity, and Data.
  • Asuka-chan Chat Bot free to play
  • Audrey, Charles, Cristal and Mike created to help people learn english
  • Awkward chatbot The original site is gone but you can still talk to the bot on the wayback machine.
  • Aztekium Bot This is a polish chatbot that Has a english version.
  • Bearbot A aiml based chatbot
  • Botster online chatbot
  • Captain Jack Sparrow A inf chatbot
  • Chatbot This is a newer chatbot and you need to click the chat button for the bot to recognize the chat.
  • Chatbots Contray to the site title it is a single bot. This is a newer chatbot and you need to click the chat button for the bot to recognize the chat.
  • Chat Bot 2 (you have to put up with a ad before you can play with her) The creator writes: Mitsuku is officially the world's best chatbot. I entered her in an international competition similar to the World Cup but for chatbot programs and she won!
  • chatbot_chung This is the online demo of Chatbot chung
  • Chatbot Creator V1.0 This is a chatbot you can create online then upload to the scratch website.
  • Chatbot Tool Kit Online chatbot you can talk with.
  • Chatter a scratch based chatbot
  • Cheer up A mean chat bot and your challenged to cheer it up.
  • Ciel-Phantomhive- A chatbot hosted at deviant art.
  • CLONE3D What is CLONE3D? The author of the program says: I have recently
    implemented a chatbot using Haptek technology and ALICE program Z

  • Codice Eloisa speaks english and Italian. The online version of her is no longer hosted on this site. The url is now at the developers site.
  • Comic english This is a site that helps you learn english. IT also has a adroid app version.
  • Cronus A chatbot created by Cronus
  • Dbot A chatbot designed to imitate a dude.
  • Donald Trump chatbot Trumpbot is about 75 lines of code written in the Python programming language.
  • DoNotPay The developer states: ""DoNotPay has launched the UK's first robot lawyer as an experiment. It can talk to you, generate documents and answer questions. It is just like a real lawyer, but is completely free and doesn't charge any commission.""
  • EmpathyNow This chatbot that won the 2012 loebner test goes a bit further then most online ones and offers pricing plans for a virtual friend.
  • Egkelados This command-line interface tries to imitate a human-based conversation by using AI technology.
  • EllaZ is a chatbot created by Kevin Copple that won the 2002 Loebner Prize Contest.
  • Eren -Shingeki no Kyojin chat bot by Amena-dono
  • Elbot the Robot I am a chatterbot created by Fred Roberts, using Artificial Solutions’ amazing technology.
  • Genifer is a chatbot hosted on a irc channel.
  • Humani: Jessie's Story Jessie is a ton of fun, but a bit of a hot mess. She is a quirky, energetic 20-something experiencing a quarter-life crisis and looking for a job, a boyfriend, and a new apartment - all in the same day. People on Facebook assume the role of Jessie's friend and provide advice, which she asks for via Messenger. These conversational interactions help guide Jessie through several key life decisions. The advice given to Jessie influences the outcome of her story, ultimately determining just how off the hook or off the rails her life becomes
  • iBot iBot is a new, smart and funny chatbot. It even have speech on Google Chrome version 33 and up. JavaScript required.
  • iChato A newer chatbot that appears to be based on javascript.
  • Iniaes Comes in several versions one is even on second life.
  • Izar Izar is a smart and somewhat sassy alien who has journeyed millions of light years from his home planet Sunaria and is presently in orbit high above Earth waiting to talk to you.
  • Jenny (This is from the way back machine) This is more like a role playing game.
  • Joan a jabberwacky bot. The orginal website is gone but you can access her from the wayback machine.
  • John Lennon Artificial Intelligence Project The author writes: "(JLAIP™) is recreating the personality of the late Beatle, John Lennon, by programming an Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine with Lennon's own words and thoughts. Triumph PC's breakthroughs take the field of AI to an entirely new level, thus making Persona-Bots™ (robots inhabited with unique and authentic human personalities) possible and further blurring the precarious line between man and machine."
  • Johnny Is a entry in the 2015 Loebner Prize
  • KaiwaBox Virtual tutors that teach other languages
  • Kimbot
  • Kip ""Kip is an AI powered chatbot that shops for you and your team"" (on slack)
  • Kyle The author writes: "is a unique learning artificial intelligence (AI) chat robot, chatbot or chatterbot, that aims to simulate natural human language. Not only interesting and entertaining, Kyle may one day be capable of passing the the Turing Test."
  • Laybia Cookies have to be enabled to use the site.
  • Learning & Information Services Chatbot This chatbot gives you information on University of Wolverhampton Library
  • Levi/Rivaille -Shingeki no Kyojin chat bot
  • Louise Cypher The most powerful Cyber Psyops system on the Internet
  • Madam Zena is a fun aiml based bot. See if she can tell your forune.
  • megahal-flash-chatbot
  • Mica, The Hipster Cat Bot is a chatbot that recomends places.
  • messagemattYou will probably be asked to sign into messenger. This is a Octane AI Facebook demo Chatbot.
  • Mike Website created to teach english as a Second Language using a chatbot
  • Miss Piggy This is so far the only working facebook chatbot that actually messages you back via its chat function.You do not even have to be her friend. Just shoot her a message and she will respond.
  • Moni is an interactive virtual assistant which allows you to perform different actions with the Internet of Things by simply asking Moni.
  • Morti is a webbased chatbot written in php and aiml.
  • m sc ll n s m sch f The developer states: ""We cause scenes on the internet."" They have 6 different AI/Chatbot programs that do various things.
  • murphy The developer states: "Last year at Microsoft's Build Conference, our team created the HowOldRobot to showcase new machine learning technologies in Azure. This little demo spread instantly across the internet with more than 90 million people uploading a picture to have it guess their age. We were surprised and delighted by how much fun and creativity people had sharing the results from the robot through social media. With all the new cognitive services, machine learning and intelligence capabilities we announced at Build we wanted to show you what else was possible. To that end, we want to introduce you to Murphy, the newest member of the Skype bot family."
  • Nina is the web assistant of nuance and she tells you all about their company.
  • Pandorabots (Pandorabots)I would have to say that it the bot's in there are PG-13. The interactive bot that is interfaced with ALICE is G rated and will not accept off color statements.This is the old site link to the log in page to create bots.
  • Pbot Bep Bop This is a tumblr chatbot. The creators description states: I'm an adorable bot! I post nonsense SU fanfic, shitpost, and answer asks. I rarely make sense. Some Nerd made me.
  • This chatbot is a fun little program to talk with.
  • Playing with haptek characters He has some pandora bots you can chat with he also has some haptek characters you can download.
  • Ramona This is a online chatterbot created by Ray Kurzweil
  • Rose Rose is a yuppie who has an unorthodox family and quirky attitudes to life.
  • Santa Claus Santa is a chatbot from Alicebot dot org.
  • Sensationbot this botmaster has several different kinds of bots including some adult only ones.
  • Susan Calvin This is the site of a Virtual Human representing Dr. Susan Calvin, from Asimov's Robot Series.
  • Trinity Chatbot IT also has a fortune teller on the site. It is made with AIML.
  • Suzette This is a chatbot living on the virtual blue mars. You can find her at the welcome center.
  • Talk-Bot He is Chris Cowart famous chat bot that has won several medals from the chatterbot challenge. Chris started the chatterbot challenge to give other botmasters a avenue to enter a contest that did not have such stringent rules as the lobner contest did.
  • Talk2Me Talk2Me is a friendly chatbot and a Loebner Prize entry for 2013/2014/2015 and a robochatchallenge entry for 2014.
  • Thinking Bot The author of this bot claims it can really think.
  • Tyche Web-Based Chatbot The author states: Tyche AI is the first chatbot Companion for you with intense abilities to listen, talk, think, plan and reason to solve general conversation problems. Given a body, Tyche AI can act more like humans in a natural environment with audio-visory sensors to craft its belief of the environment in which it occupies. Memory Graph is core to this fact.
  • Uberbot In a nutshell, the Uberbot is an AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) program that lets you talk to your computer. Uberbot stores concepts (or ideas) in its computer brain. You talk to Uberbot by typing in text, then it considers its best response and replies by text. There is also a text to speech convertor allowing spoken output.
  • VagaBot (this website is gone and was replaced by a search site) This is a recontructed mock-up of Marcus Endicott’s partially completed project
  • Waelin "Waelin est une intelligence articielle programmée en PHP et Javascript, elle a été conçu dans le but d'imiter le raisonnement humain afin de tenir des conversations simples et variées avec les internautes." Translation: Waelin is articielle intelligence programmed in PHP and Javascript, it was designed to mimic human reasoning to take a variety of simple conversations with users .
  • Webo The developer writes: "Webo is designed so that for each individual person Webo speaks with, an individual memory file is created allowing for unique personality imprints upon webo. This way Webo can learn, remember and respond accordingly with that person should they speak again, given a unique username/log in name is us"
  • Woomerang The author writes: "CHAT now uses a cookie to remember your conversation"
  • VIN Decoder Chatbot The author writes: "VIN Decoder Chatbot can decode any model VIN of US market vehicles, and send you general information about the vehicle you want. Just enter the vehicle's VIN in a message window, and get info on its technical parts & other characteristics."
  • Yoko v0.2 The author writes: Yoko is a chatbot written from the ground up using *gasp* PHP and MySQL (if all you have is a hammer, or rather your favorite tool is a hammer...).
  • Zero The author writes: "is an artificial intelligent chatbot being designed by Computer Hope as a way to help develop our natural language processing and fuzzy logic methods used in scripts throughout our web page. Our overall goal is to develop easier methods for users to locate the answers to their computer related questions through the use of artificial intelligence."

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