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This is knytetrypper chatbot so you can use his code but give him credit for it. He is gone but his work and others lives on. I feel (my personal opinion) that He and many others contributed to the virtual assistants that google, microsoft, amazon and others are using. Too many of Good AI Researchers have contributed without getting credit.Some of us are just hobbists. Others are scientists that take their work very seriously. Either way The big guys are taking way to much credit for work others have done before they came around. The html code is not marked as valid here because i use XHTML and his coding for the chatbot is older so to preserve the original coding of the chatbot i have left it alone. His original websites are listed below. Some are achived at the wayback machine so they may not work but at least you can see them.



These are his websites that you can still find:

  • A.I. Nexus, a website dedicated to the children of ALICE
  • Ailysse is a Pandorabots chatbot which uses the award-winning ALICE AIML set for her brain files. She is perky and chatty and can answer some of your questions about chatbots and computer terminology. Ailysse now features the Haptek 3D talking interface.
  • Laylahbot is a demonstration Alicebot created at using the original 2002 release of the ALICE AIML set. She will remain completely unmodified, as an example of how well the basic program performs as a conversation simulator without any customization. Except for setting her bot properties to default values, her program will contain no modifications.
  • Lilith is a chatbot which is created with the exciting new Annotated ALICE AIML, the latest development in AIML technology. The AAA set has been reorganized to make it easier to create a unique computer entity. Lilith's program also incorporates a lot of dynamic content such as fortunetelling and games pages. Say MENU to see her current list of functions.
  • Lolabot (this is at the wayback machine so it won't be able to talk to you) is an Alicebot hosted at Her program features many extras using Runabot's unique system calls, such as weather forecasts, date and time, a calculator function, dictionary, and various games. Ask for her MENU and she'll tell you what options are currently available. According to Knyte Trypper, Lolabot plays a mini-rpg and a mean game of rocks, paper, scissors.
  • A. I. Nexus Forum A Discussion and Help Forum for Pandorabots, ALICE and Other AI Chatbots
  • Eulogy for a Botmaster: Knyte Trypper, RIP

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